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Based in Hong Kong, the financial hub of Asia, we are strategically placed to control production all over Asia. With affiliate offices around Asia, we can offer you the lowest prices without compromising on quality.

Here we concentrate on branding our items, we have developed a new casual garments line recently which has been well accepted by our clients under the brand name "MOLECULE'

Besides garments, we have recently expanded our products to computers and computer accessories, we are now agents (for specified countries only) for the "MICROLAB"  "A4 TECH" and "LEMONTECH" brands in computer accessories.

Balloon Marketing (HK) Ltd

Address:     2 & 4 Chatham Court,

                  King's Commercial Building,

                  Room 1501, T.S.T,


                  Hong Kong.

Tel:            (852) 23177092 (2 Lines)

Fax:           (852) 23175520


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